larissa celi


my work

i spent my childhood in venezuela, playing outside and embracing nature. every night before going to sleep my mom and i would say goodbye to señor sol (mr. sun) and say hello to señora luna (ms. moon). i wanted that energy back so badly, especially now that i’m so far from home and my culture, so i started my world building practice.

being aware of the imagery i work with allowed me to heal my relationship with space and objects. the rigidity of dominant “american” culture disconnected me from self-compassion. i make preservation, childlike wonder, and reflection my priorities. 

keeping a journal is key, sitting with my ideas before attempting to materialize them makes more sense to me, and i was lucky to have worked with faculty that see the relevance of writing as part of my practice. i’ve developed a series of essays, stories, and creatures that help me produce my knit and woven dreamland.


my name is larissa celi, a non-binary artist born and raised in venezuela currently based in philadelphia, pa. i majored in textiles with a drawing concentration at the rhode island school of design class of 2023. 

someone once called me an archivist, and i couldn’t agree more. i live for a journal, a photo album, a sketchbook, a thoughtful collection, any form of documentation

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